Cartello Wear is a company that will run the new style .We think the biggest challenge is that we stay creative and making sure that we continue to launch awesome product that people love. Cartello is not only a classy & cool fashion brand but also a lifestyle & community.

Life is like a jungle!
No difficulty can discourage, no obstacle can hold you back!
You must fight through life! Sometimes it’s hard to get up, when you have fallen down.

Me Mister Cartello.
My life wasn’t easy, I can tell you that!
I have known the streets since i was a little boy.
It can be hard. You want to keep moving up but everything and everyone keeps beating you down.

I’ve hit rock bottom many times. But i never gave up!
You must believe in youself and fight for yourself and fight for your survival because in the end you have to do it by yourself!

With my brand, Cartello, i want to inspire people by showing them that if you want something, you have to work for it! Fight, fall down, get up, work every day! Never lose your eye on your target! Focus and you will conquer!

If you see the Cartello logo I want you to envision what can be. Remember your path of life full of struggles and obstacles which your have conquered by setting up your personal targets.

Cartello is not just me, It’s you!


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