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Cartello Collection

First Shot

You only get one chance for a first impression. Cartello’s First Shot collection was created to inspire motivated women to achieve their goals. Finished with the best materials of high quality and falls smoothly around the contour.

Love Cartello

Are you looking for a outstanding item which will give your outfit a boost? You certainly came to the right place. Choose this statement item and you will soon have a casual chic style.

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Woman Up

This woman up shirt fits perfectly. This comfy shirt with the white letters on it and shows our target and says woman up, because a woman stands up for herself, and a strong woman stands up for everybody else. On the woman up shirt you also find our logo on the side of the arm and there is also a side label with the target on it. You can order this shirt in classy black or fresh white.

Be perfectly prepared for a cold winter with this outfit! A stylish and soft sweater, which also keeps you warm in extreme winters. Perfect for the turbulent and cold winters in the Netherlands


This Cartello polo shirt has a perfect fit, cause in a world full of trends we want to remain a classic and sportive gentleman style. The polo has a target on the chest and has a side label also. You can order our polo shirt in three kind of colour combinations.

Set Goals. Focus. Hit Targets.

Follow us and be the first customer of a new brand that motivates people to hit your targets.

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